How to Repair a Hole in Your Dry Wall

If you are like me your probably have one or two holes in your wall that need to be repaired. As a drywall contractor in Dixon Il I thought I might be able to help. So for today’s blog post I am going to run you through the steps to patch up that hole so it looks just like new.

Now if you have a small hole you may be able to simply make a few passes with a putty knife and some dry wall paste, sand, paint and you are all set.

However, if you have a larger hole a fix like this may not be so easy. In that case here is a step by step explanation to get you through your fix from a contractor in Dixon Il.

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How to Hang a Picture

You just moved into a new place, and you can’t wait to get it decorated with your personality and feeling like home. Before you pull out the hammer and start putting a bazillion holes in the wall trying to hang one picture, maybe you should try learning the art of hanging a picture. There is a little bit more to it than you might think.

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