With the sunny days and brisk evenings of fall, there’s no better time to add a fire pit to the backyard of your beautiful home, built by a professional contractor Aurora IL. Follow these steps to add the perfect touch to your autumn evenings.
Decide on the size and shape for your fire pit, and write down the depth, height, and width before you visit the stone yard for the proper materials. Palletized stone is recommended, as the stone tend to be uniform in quality, shape, and size.
To prepare the fire pit site, mark the center using a stick or rebar and tie on a piece of string. The string should be half the length of the diameter. Use the end of the string as a guide to spray paint the circumference of the fire area. The entire circle should be excavated six inches deep.
Repeat this process, only this time use a string that is the same length as the first, minus the width of the fire pit wall, making this string shorter than the first. Spray paint a second circle within the original.
Pour premixed cement into the area between the center and outer painted circles. Continue adding cement and leveling until one and one half inches below grade is reached. Then, slowly submerge two-foot lengths of rebar into the cement in various locations around the newly poured footer and let it dry.
Laying Brick
Once you have placed the initial face stones around the outside of the footer, begin laying the first row of fire brick. Apply mortar to the inner edge of the face stones and push the fire brick into place. Apply more mortar to the end of the brick before placing the next for adhesion. Make sure the brick is level and mortar is comely as you build. Continue to build your fire pit wall in increments of stone face and inner fire brick until the proper height is attained. Stagger the vertical edges of the bricks so they do not match up with the rings above or below for a more stable wall.
Laying Capstone
Spread a generous amount of mortar along the top area of the final ring of stone face and fire brick. Choose flat stones that will fit together well for the capstones, and lay them in the mortar, taking care to ensure they are level. Use additional mortar in between capstones and smooth with a jointer. A brush can sweep away stray mortar when it is nearly cured.
Completing the Fire Pit
Spray the inner fire brick with black stove paint (use cardboard or thick paper to shield the stone face) as desired to give a uniform look to your handiwork. You may also choose to excavate the area surrounding the fire pit and fill it in with loose rock as a safety precaution. Now all you need are chairs and marshmallows to add some memories to your beautiful backyard, built by a professional contractor Aurora IL.