Having a giant chalkboard in your child’s bedroom or playroom in your new home construction Naperville IL, is a fun and creative outlet that allows for children to express their creativity! But, chalkboards aren’t being confined to just children’s bedrooms, they can also be a classy and practical additions to a home office or kitchen, allowing for you to write menus, grocery list, or simple doodling!

Creating your own chalkboard wall is easier than you might think! In fact, many major paint manufacturers make special chalkboard paint that can be picked up from your local home improvement store. So, hurry go pick some up and let’s get started creating your own chalkboard wall for your home!

Step 1: Prepare the Wall

Before you can apply your newly purchased chalkboard pain, you are going to need to prepare your wall. Start by using painters tape to frame off the area that you intend to use for your chalkboard space. Clean your wall completely, to ensure that it is free of any obstructions, including nails, nail holes, and filling in any holes with spackle. Let the spackle dry completely and then sand down till flat.

If your wall that you are intending to use as your chalkboard wall currently has a coat of glossy paint, you’ll want to sand down the whole area to help the chalkboard paint adhere effectively. If you’d prefer to not sand down your wall, you can paint a coat of primer to prepare the wall. If you do go the primer route, be sure to allow the primer to dry completely, according to the manufactures instructions, before applying your chalkboard paint.

Step 2: Paint on Chalkboard Paint

Now you are ready to apply your chalkboard paint to your freshly prepared wall! Start by stirring your chalkboard paint, and then apply a coat directly to your wall. Let the paint dry for a minimum of four hours, or as long as the manufacturer advises. After allowing the first coat to dry completely, apply a second coat of paint. Let the paint dry completely for three full days, then carefully remove the painters tape.

Step 3: Paint a Frame for Your Wall

The easiest way to create a transition between your chalkboard and the rest of your wall is to paint a frame or border in a contrasting color. Mark off the frame using painters tape. Use a small paintbrush and paint the frame using a contrasting color of paint. Let the paint dry completely prior to removing the painters tape.

Step 4: Prepare Your Chalkboard Wall for Use

Before you can use your freshly painted chalkboard wall, you are going to need to finish preparing it for the chalk. To prepare your new chalkboard you are going to need to condition it with a layer of chalk dust. Use the broad side of a large piece of chalk, drag it along the entire surface of your chalkboard, coloring your entire chalkboard space. After you have covered the entire surface with chalk, erase the chalk using a chalkboard eraser. Now your new chalkboard is ready for use!

Step 5: Maintaining Your Chalkboard

To clean your chalkboard, use a damp cloth as need. After wiping your board, let it dry and then condition your wall again, covering the entire space with chalk and erasing again.

Adding a giant chalkboard wall to your new home construction Naperville IL is a great addition for all members of your family! Let your creativity show through on your convenient chalkboard!