Quality Design Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, sex, age, religion, marital status, national origin, disability or any other protected status. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply to any open position posted on our website.

Quality Design Inc. will only accept Quality Design Inc. applications. We will not accept group applications, or photocopied paperwork. Each application must be in its original/unaltered condition. Any forms that are photocopied or altered in any way will not be considered for employment by Quality Design Inc.

We only accept applications for open positions, which are posted on our website. Applicants can be submitted online via open job positions, or in person at our office. We do not keep applications on file for more than thirty days. Lying or falsifying information on application and/or resume will automatically disqualify an applicate for being hired. If the false information is discovered after an employee has been hired, false information is grounds for immediate termination.

We strive to hire fully qualified applicants who have experience in the construction industry and an eye for detail. All of our employees must pass a drug test as part of our pre-hire policy; Quality Design Inc. is a drug and alcohol free work environment. We hire only those who can uphold our company standards and create cohesion with our other employees.

We base our hiring decision on a variety of factors including: qualification, ability to perform task, ability to follow directions, and attention to detail. If an employee fails to meet the requirements of the position for which they have been hired, could be grounds for termination.

Full-time employees are expected to give a full honest day’s work. Failure to comply do to distractions (i.e., cell phones, personal calls, schooling, etc.) or secondary employment could be grounds for termination.



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