No matter the shape or size of a closet, it won’t hold items properly without proper shelving. Otherwise, your closet will be overflowing and disorganized, making it difficult for you to find anything. When working with a contractor Aurora IL for general remodeling work, you may find that completely rebuilding your closets falls to the wayside.

That doesn’t mean you have to suffer with the same cluttered closets. There are a number of modular shelving systems on the market that are not only affordable but also easy to install with some basic DIY skills. Whether you choose wire shelving or modular shelving with melamine components or wood veneer, most come in ready-to-assemble kits that offer an easy way to upgrade your closets for minimal money.

Take Measurements

Prior to purchasing any closet shelving system, you must take measurements of the space and determine what you will continue to store so that you can plan your layout. Your plan should include sufficient hanging length for coats, dresses, pants, shirts and blouses. Furthermore, you should have areas for bulky, infrequently used and frequently used items. A rough drawing on graph paper should include how many lineal feet of hanging rods and shelves you’ll need along with other items such as baskets and hooks.

Removing and Installing Shelving

Once you have purchased all the necessary materials, you can clear your closets of any old shelving. Most DIY modular shelving is track-mounted. Use a level to help determine where you want to install the top track. For best results, the top track should be attached to wall studs instead of drywall so as to carry heavy loads. Draw a line where you want to place the top rail and then hold it against the wall, marking the areas where you want to drill holes for the studs. Once you accomplish this, drill the holes and affix the track to the wall, making sure that the track is plumb. Make sure that all the screws are tight before proceeding to the next step.

Next, place the appropriate number of vertical rods at widths that will fit your shelves and open baskets. Secure anchoring hooks for each shelf and then snap the shelves into place. Repeat as necessary for all additional shelving.

Reach out to Quality Design Inc., your contractor Aurora IL, for additional information on how you can fit new closet shelving into your budget.