Wood paneling has been used to give a room a distinctive look over the years. Although, it has lost its popularity in recent years and is no longer being used in newer homes. Many homeowners with homes covered in wood paneling are wanting to update their homes. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply remove the old wooden paneling from the walls. Whether you hire Rockford contractors to remove the paneling and update your home or take on the project yourself, it is easy to do and can be accomplished in a few short hours.

Wood paneling is fairly easy to pry away from walls. This is especially true if the wood paneling is older and the adhesive has began to loosen over time. You will need a few specific tools before you get started, but with these tools you’ll be able to quickly and easily remove the old wood paneling.

Step 1: Remove Molding

Molding, particularly ceiling or crown molding, can prove to make the project substantially more difficult. In addition, molding can result in unnecessary cracks or other damage if it is directly attached to the tops of the wood panels. Use a crowbar with a flat end and carefully pry away any molding that you might have. If you plan to reuse the molding after the removal of the paneling, you’ll want to take special care to not damage it during removal. This same mentality applies to certain types of baseboards.

Step 2: Start on One Side of the Room

Select one side of the room and carefully maneuver the flat end of your crowbar under the wood panel. Use a hammer and tap the other end of the crowbar until the paneling begins to lift and pull away from the wall.

Step 3: Use a Wrecking Bar

Use a wrecking bar to pull away each loosened wood panel. Try not to break each panel into smaller pieces, as keeping them whole makes clean-up much easier. Use a smaller pry bar or a putty knife to remove any small bits and pieces of panel that remain behind after removing the large paneling. Repeat steps two and three until you have successfully removed all pieces of paneling from the wall.

Step 4: Remove the Nails

With all the paneling removed, use the claw end of your hammer to remove any nails that are left behind in the wall. If you are planning on installing new paneling, you’ll need to be careful when removing the nails as you can reuse them.

Step 5: Sand Walls

Some panels may leave behind adhesive on the walls, which can easily be removed with sandpaper. Depending on the amount of adhesive left on the walls, you can either use a piece of sandpaper or an electric sander. Be sure to sweep up any dust debris left behind and wash the walls. Once this is complete you are ready to begin preparing your walls for new paint, paneling or texture.

Rockford contractors can quickly and easily remove and dispose of old wood paneling, leaving you with a new, fresh surface. Whether you are wanting a change or to simply update your home, removing wood paneling from the walls can make a huge difference!